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Time Machine Days

Noah's Ark



In this series the children will be exposed to more stories from the Bible. It is important for them to be familiar with the contents of the bible. The three stories that were selected for this series set the stage for our Easter series. The lessons deal with the condition of humanity. They will teach the children why our fallen world needs Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross.

The lessons are called "Time Machine Days" because the puppet characters will be travelling through time so that they can witness the biblical event. This will give the audience a chance to "be there" and to experience the story.

Lesson #2 - Noah s Ark

This is the second lesson in the Time Machine Days Series . In this lesson the emphasis will be on sin. Since Adam and Eve were told to leave the garden many generations have grown and populated the earth. Unfortunately they have turned their backs on God. They have chosen to disobey God. God was very unhappy with all of them except one man. Noah.

The lesson will look at sin and then look to Jesus. Reminding the children that Jesus came and died so we could be forgiven for our sins.


The puppet stage will be decorated to suit the Noah's Ark Theme. The puppet video used will be a continuation of the time machine theme.


The opening time is a brief period before the lesson begins. It can be used to introduce the theme that you are using. This can be a time for a relevant video or even a game. If you have something to pass around that would reinforce the lesson, that would be an interesting change.


Each week repeat the rules. Even if the children protest it is important to do this each week. For variety, have the children tell you the rules.


It is important to use simple language in prayer. Make sure that the children can understand the language that you use. Don't use Christian-eese! Remember church terminology isn't used in everyday life.


One of the songs that we recently introduced is called I'm Adopted . It is a simple song with a straight forward message. It is extremely important to explain adoption . Often adoption has a negative connotation in the children's minds. Assure them that it isn't bad and make sure to remind them that they don't have to leave their own family to be adopted into God's family. Make sure to explain this each week until most of the children are comfortable with it.


All of the games that are included have been adopted to suit the Noah s Ark Story or the Time Machine theme.

Game - Animal Memory

In this game the two players will be selected. The player will have 30 seconds to study the pairs of cards with animals on them. After this the cards will be turned over and the participant will have one minute to determine where they saw the pairs. The player that gets the largest number of pairs wins.

Memory Verse

The memory verse in this lesson involves no puppets. It is an interaction between the leader and the children. The verse will be done with the Noah s Ark theme in mind.

The verse will be written on bristol board that is shaped and designed to look like a boat. The boat has run into a great deal of rain, the message written on the side of it has been partially destroyed. This effect will be created using the Magic Markers referred to on our reference page. Some letters are missing and can be recovered by using the markers.

Have the kids take turns coming up to fill in the blanks.

Everyone has sinned. No one measures up to God s glory. Romans 3:23

Have the children repeat the verse until they know it. Make sure to explain what it means. All of us, everyone has done things that make God unhappy. We aren't perfect but God is. We can't come close to being as good as God is. Jesus died for us so that we don't have to be. He paid the price for our sins. He loves us.

Object Lesson

In this three week series the object lesson will be replaced by a brief Time Machine Video . It is a simple puppet skit which we chose to film for variety in the program. It could simply be performed live if you select to do it that way.

Ann and Franklin enter the puppet stage.

Ann: That was amazing.

Franklin: It was exciting to go to the garden wasn't it?

Ann: We are back in my basement now!

Franklin: Would you like to try the time machine again?

Ann: Ok, Franklin but this time let s try to go to a different place.

Franklin: I'll move that arrow on the dial that says a long time ago .

Ann: Don't put it so far back this time.

Franklin: Ok, I'll try it here.

Ann: Ok.

Franklin: Get in Ann.

Ann: Hurry up and get in Franklin. I think it is starting.....

Franklin: I'm coming Ann. (Lots of noise is starting).

Ann & Franklin: (together) Here we go again...

Video Ends

The remainder of the skit is performed in the puppet stage. It is live and the puppets are now in a different time . They are going to learn about Noah.

Ann: Where are we this time?

Franklin: I'm not sure.

Ann: Look at that boat and that rainbow.

Franklin: Here comes a guy with a beard. I wonder what he s doing.

Ann: Let s hide.

(The story is read by a leader at this point)


(Taken from the Beginner's Bible on reference page)

Many years passed after Adam & Eve left the garden. People began to forget about God. They began to do bad things. There was only one good man. His name was Noah. God said, I am sorry that I made people. I will start all over again. God told Noah to build a big boat called an ark. God showed Noah exactly how to build it. When the ark was finished, God told Noah to put animals in it. Noah obeyed God. He put some of every kind of animal into the ark. Then God shut the door.

Soon rain began to fall. The raindrops made little puddles, then bigger puddles. The big puddles became streams, then rushing rivers, then sloshing seas. Soon the whole earth was covered with water. The ark tossed up and down on the waves. But Noah and his family and all the animals were safe and dry inside the ark.

Then one day the rain stopped. Noah opened a window in the ark. He saw water everywhere. He sent a dove to fly out and look for land. But the dove came right back. It could not find a place to rest. The next time Noah sent the dove, it brought back an olive leaf. The water was going down. The next time, the dove did not come back. It was time to leave the ark. The ark was resting on top of a mountain. Noah and his family and all the animals came out. Noah thanked God for keeping them safe.

Then God put a dazzling rainbow in the sky. It was God s promise that water would never again cover the whole earth.

Leader s Conclusion

Last week, we learned about Adam and Eve and how they sinned. This week our story was about a man named Noah. All the people around him forgot about God. They turned their backs on him. But Noah kept his eyes on God. God was unhappy with the world and He chose to start over. Noah was saved.

We all sin too. We make mistakes but we need to keep our eyes on God. If we are truly sorry He will forgive us because He loves us very much. That is why God sent Jesus to save us from our sin.

Dismissal - Closing prayer, quiet seat prizes and treats.

Copyright 1997, Bread of Life Ministries