Free Children's Ministry Curriculum

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Fruit of the Spirit









Self Control

Game Show/ Hero Days

Jesus is Love

Jesus Forgives

Jesus was Obedient

Adventure Days/ The Secret of Everlasting Life

Jungle Adventure

Mountain Adventure

Desert Adventure

Time Machine Days

Adam and Eve

Noah's Ark

The Israelites

Submarine Days

Jonah and the Fish

Jesus Walks on Water

Paul's Journey

Detective Days

The Good Samaritan

Judging People

Forgive One Another

Swamp Days

Garbage In/Out

Resist Temptation

Swamp Rescue

Mission Possible Days

Mission Training

What is our Message?

The Great Mission

Celebrity Days

Jesus Cares

Jesus is King

Jesus the Saviour

Wilderness Days

Jesus Our Friend

Jesus Our Saviour

Construction Days

Obedience to God


Gifts and Talents

Emergency 911 Days

Jesus Saves Us

Jesus Makes Us Whole

Minor Days




Beach Days

God Made Our World

God Made Animals

God Made Us


Three Cool Kings

Build on the Rock
















It is our ultimate desire that this curriculum be used to reach as many children as possible with the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are a faith based ministry that does not receive  government support. Our support comes mainly from individuals, businesses, foundations, churches and service organizations. Each year we require the funds to provide salaries for two full time employees, operate the ministry vehicles and to take care of all of the other ministry expenses.

We would simply ask that if you or your church or ministry are in the position to bless this ministry with a donation to help cover our costs, that you prayerfully do so. If you are not in a position to help us with our costs, then please print out and use the material on this page anyway.

We have trusted the Father to provide for all of our needs since this ministry began in 1992 and He has never failed us.  Our attitude is freely we have received so freely we want to give. We just want to make you aware of our situation and only ask that you be sensitive to His leading in this regard.

In His Service,

Rob Pattison
Bread of Life Ministries

2 Fox Hollow Dr.
Upper Tantallon
Nova Scotia
B3Z 1E5