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Time Machine Days

Adam and Eve



In this series the children will be exposed to more stories from the Bible. It is important for them to be familiar with the contents of the bible. The three stories that were selected for this series set the stage for our Easter series. The lessons deal with the condition of humanity. They will teach the children why our fallen world needs Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross.

The lessons are called "Time Machine Days" because the puppet characters will be travelling through time so that they can witness the biblical event. This will give the audience a chance to "be there" and to experience the story.

Lesson #1 - Adam and Eve (The Fall)

Genesis opens with the creation story. This includes the creation of humans. The first lesson will help to communicate that God created the world without sin and when Adam & Eve disobeyed, their choice caused the fall. Sin entered the world and has been present ever since. Adam & Eve were kicked out of the garden and they were separated from God.

The emphasis of the lesson will be on the story but it will be communicated that through Jesus we can have a relationship with God. Jesus' death takes away our sin so that we can enjoy communion with God.


  • to share the biblical account of Adam & Eve
  • to show that because of sin we are all separated from God
  • to present the idea that Jesus' death on the cross paid for our sins and brings us back into right relationship with God.
  • to share that Jesus did this for all of us and he loves us.


This series has a "time machine" theme. A time machine will be needed for each lesson. We have selected to have two puppets who travel through time. We have videotaped their transport experience so that when they arrive in the puppet stage they appear in the setting of the story.

The first lesson is set in the Garden of Eden. All of the props seen in the teaching will go with this theme. Use trees, flowers, greenery, birds and a few animals. In this series the props will be changed for each lesson.


At the beginning of the program a video will be played. This will occur while waiting for all of the children to arrive. This will occupy any who arrive early. At different times we have chosen to skip the video and we have used this settling period as a time to talk to the kids about their week. This can be very valuable for building relationships.


Discipline implies something negative in our minds but in reality it is not. It is simply guiding children to behave in an acceptable manner. The biblical example of this is seen in the many illustrations about shepherds. The shepherd doesn't have a negative, violent or drastic relationship with the sheep. He simply guides them because he knows what is best. Positive reinforcement of proper behaviour is essential.


The indoor program provides a unique atmosphere for prayer, without interruption. The distraction of outdoors and surroundings are limited.


It is very important to introduce new songs that are very simple. Make sure that the children can understand the words. When they are singing the song around the house the whole family will understand. This is an example of one of the songs that we recently introduced.

I'm Adopted (echo)

By the King (echo)

I'm Adopted (echo)

By Royalty (echo)

I'm Adopted (echo)

To the family (echo)

So I'll praise Him (echo)

And shout His name (echo)

His name is Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus is His name.
His name is Jesus, Jesus,
Jesus is His name.

na, na, na, na, na, na,


The games are adapted to suit the theme of Time Machine Days or the theme of the lesson itself.

Game #1 - Time Line

Select one player from each team. The first participant will be given a stack of cards with years written on them. The contestant will have one minute to put them in chronological order.

Game #2 Garden Game

A botanist (studies plants) is looking for a rare flower. It is hidden deep within the garden. The contestants will try to help find it.

(Before the game a piece of bristol board will be prepared. It will have a game board on it. The game board is a garden and it is divided into a grid. The grid has coordinates. Behind the squares messages are written.)

Select players as time allows. Each player selects a coordinate and uses the special markers to uncover a message written in invisible ink. The game continues until someone uncovers the flower.

Memory Verse

This memory verse will be taught by the leader and it will not involve puppets. It will include lots of audience participation.

In light of this week's theme "Time Machine Days", it will be important to emphasize the fact that the bible is applicable to life in the 1990's. The concepts taught in the Bible are relevant for today.

Each lesson in the series will use a different method to teach the verse. In this lesson the verse will be written out missing some key words. A flower or a tree made out of construction paper will cover the empty space where a word should be. A child will be asked to come up to the front and select a flower. The participant will remove it and on its backside they will find a simple definition. The contestant will read the definition to their team and the team will guess the key word that fits in the blank.

The lesson centers on the "fall". It is set in the Garden of Eden and the emphasis will be on sin.

"For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 6:23.

The leader will explain the meaning of the verse after the children have repeated and learned it.

The verse means that sin brings death and we are all sinners. If we choose to continue to live this way we will die. If we choose to accept Christ Jesus as a gift from God we will receive eternal life. We can't get rid of our sin through our works. The only way to do it is to accept Jesus and let him take our sin away.

Object Lesson

This section of the lesson will not be used for a typical object lesson. It will be used for a puppet skit to introduce the story.

Two puppets (children) build a time machine. They travel back in time and visit different locations.

Franklin & Ann enter the puppet stage.

Franklin: I think that our teacher will like our project it turned out to be nice.

Ann: I hope we get a good mark. It was fun . I'll go and get my dad to see what he thinks (exits briefly and comes back with her dad)

Ann's Dad: Kids, I think it looks interesting, why don't you tell me about it?

Franklin: Our science teacher, Mr Allen asked us to build a time machine. That is a really neat thing that lets you go back in time and visit different places.

Ann's Dad: I see

Ann: We were allowed to work together so this is what we came up with. It is just about done. We just have to wait for all the glue to dry.

Ann's Dad: Good work, you two. Now I have some things to take care of I'll talk to you later. It does look good. (exits)

Franklin: Your dad really liked our Time Machine.

Ann: Do you think it will really work?

Franklin: Ann, Time Machines are make believe. The teacher just wanted us to use our imagination.

Ann: Let's go in it.

Franklin: Ok.

Ann : (from inside) Did you hear something strange?

Franklin: No?

Ann: I heard that (now frightened)

Franklin: So did I (also nervous) lots of noise and lights.


The story will be read out loud by a leader. It will be acted out by puppets. Before the story begins the two time travelers find themselves in a strange but beautiful environment.

Ann & Franklin enter slowly and gingerly. They are looking all around.

Ann: Franklin, I thought you said Time Machines never work.

Franklin: Maybe, I'm wrong. This sure doesn't look like your basement.

Ann: That's because it isn't. This is a beautiful garden.

Franklin: (starting to relax) It sure is pretty.

Ann: There are all kinds of beautiful flowers.

Franklin: I've never seen a place that was so nice.

Ann: Shhhh...... I think I hear something lets hide behind that bush.

Ann & Franklin disappear and the puppets Adam and Eve enter. The leader begins to read the story.

A long time ago God made the earth. He created the sky and the land. He made the trees and the flowers. God also made all of the animals.

Then God made people. Adam was the man that God made. He had a very important job. He gave names to all the animals. There were many wonderful animals. But still, Adam was lonely. God said, "It is not good for Adam to be alone." So God made a woman. Adam named her Eve. Eve was just right to be Adam's special helper. Now ADAM & EVE lived in the beautiful garden of Eden. Tasty fruit grew from many of its trees. God told Adam and Eve they could eat any fruit they wanted except one kind. He said, "You must never eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

One day, a snake came to Eve. It said, "See how pretty the fruit is on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It tastes good. It will make you wise. Don't listen to God. Go ahead and try it." The fruit did look good. So Eve ate some. Then she took it to Adam. He ate some, too, even though he knew what God had said. That evening, God walked through the garden. Adam and Eve tried to hide.

God called, "Adam, where are you?"

Adam said "I am hiding. I was afraid."

Then God asked, "Did you eat the fruit I told you not to eat?"

Adam said, "Eve ate it first."

Eve said, "The snake told me it would be all right."

But God was not happy. He told the snake, "You will have to crawl on your belly from now on." He told Adam and Eve, "You did not obey me. You will have to leave the garden."

It was a sad day when Adam and Eve left. God sent an angel to the garden. The angel held a flaming sword. He flashed it back and forth so no one would go back into the garden.

Adam and Eve exit.

Leader's Conclusion

That was how it happened! That was what happened to Adam and Eve. God created us and all of us sin. We all do things that make God unhappy. We will always make mistakes but you know we can be forgiven.

A long time ago Jesus died on the cross. He died so we could be forgiven. He loves you very much and He wants you to come to him. If you would like to have Jesus forgive you for your mistakes you can pray with us. Let us pray......

This prayer didn't make you perfect. You will still make mistakes but you can try to do what the Bible says and Jesus will be right here with you to help you.

Dismissal: Quiet seat prizes and closing prayer.

Copyright 1997, Bread of Life Ministries