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The Fruit of the Spirit


Galatians 5:22 & 23

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy , peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Against this there is no law".

"When a person accepts Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to live in their heart. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit produces Christian virtues in the believer's life. These virtues are the fruit of the Spirit and we become more Christ-like. We will exhibit the fruit whether we are aware of it or not, it happens completely through the work of the Holy Spirit. We can't produce fruit by our own effort, it comes from God's presence and interaction in our lives."

Offner, Hazel. Fruit of the Spirit. Downers Grove, Ill: Intervarsity Press, 1987

Objective: The objective of The Zoo Children's Ministry is to reach kids with the Gospel message and to teach them about God's love and how to live as Christians in today's world.

The purpose of this particular series is to present salvation and explain that when they make a decision for Christ the Holy Spirit will live in their hearts. They can have the fruit of the Spirit begin to show in their lives.

Themes: We have chosen to divide the fruit of the Spirit into sets of three. With each set there will be a different theme. All props and stories will teach the lesson but incorporate the theme.

Wild West Days Theme

"Wild West Days" is an exciting theme. A backdrop with an old western town and a clothes line with wool socks and long johns helped to create the atmosphere. The puppets were dressed in cowboy hats and plaid shirts. Children's toys are helpful. Stick horses and stuffed animals were used as props. Western music also enhances the area.

Lesson Eight Gentleness

God wants us to show gentleness to all. One reason He shows us such love, compassion and gentleness is so we can learn to show that to others. As Christians, it is our responsibility to be gentle with others, showing them tender loving care.


  • To teach children that they are to be gentle to others always.
  • To teach children that God wants us to be gentle.


Puppet Song: Kids Sing Cowboy Songs c 1994 Brentwood Music Inc. Song called: "Giddy Up".


Once again keep in mind the "Wild West Days" theme. It might be interesting to use the Sheriff as the person who dictates the rules.


This is an important part of the program. It sets the tone for the program. Give the children opportunity to pray if they want to. Prayer requests are important, make time to pray for the things that are concerning the children.


Use of western costumes, appropriate actions, or line dancing could make this part of the program more fun.


Dress Up Relay

Select three boys and three girls. the members of each team line up in single file and the first contestant is handed a costume. The costume consists of a cowboy hat, a bandana and a plaid shirt. The first child puts these on, grabs a stick horse, and gallops up to the pylon and back. The child then removes the costume and hands the equipment to the next contestant. The first team to have all of their players complete the run wins.

Pull Up Stakes

Select two boys and two girls. A camp is set up at one pylon and the children line up behind the other pylon. They must pack up the camp site and run back to the beginning. Then hand the camp bag to the next person and they unpack the campsite. The camp consists of a bedroll, a map, plates, cups, ladle, bucket. Add any items that you would feel are appropriate.

Memory Verse

The "Memory Verse Bandit" is back. The memory verse is delivered by the "Pony Express" and unwrapped by the leader in the presence of the Sheriff. The Bandit is fast and manages to steal the verse right out from underneath their noses. Now the Sheriff is offering a reward to anyone that assists in the capture of the Bandit.

The leader teaches the verse before it is stolen. The following is an example of how the leader might go about teaching a verse: "Let your gentleness be evident to all." Philippians 4:5

Leader: Who remembers what happened last week? (The children will recall the Bandit). Let's unwrap the verse that was just delivered but keep your eyes open for the Memory Verse Bandit. Let's read it together.

Have the children repeat the verse until they can do it without looking at the sheet. It is important to explain what the verse means.

Object Lesson

This will be a mime. It will be done with two part. the first part will include two members. The first mimes will depict a fight. They enter arguing. Not really violent. There will be a slap and they walk away. In the second mime the people will enter and display a more gentle relationship.

Ask the children which one displays a gentle nature that God would like us to display. They will hopefully indicate the second scenario.

Story - "Cowboy Steve"

This story was told by another volunteer, "Cowboy Rob". It was read to the children while "Cowboy Rob" sat on a stool.

Hi y'all. I'm Cowboy Rob! I'm here to tell you a Wild West story. Let me tell you about a friend of mine. His name is Cowboy Steve. Cowboy Steve was the toughest cowboy in Dry Gulch. At school he was the coolest. All of the others wanted to hang out with him. They all wanted to be just like Steve. You guys can probably think of someone like this at your school or your neighbourhood.

But Steve wasn't just cool. He was mean. Steve was mean to everyone around. He was mean to all of the kids. He was mean to his teachers. Steve was even mean to Pinky the Pig from the Ranch next door. He was nasty. He called people names and always hurt their feelings.

Anyway, every day after school Steve played Rodeo Games. He would choose kids to be on his team but he never ever picked Cowboy Fred. You see Cowboy Fred was a little different. He wasn't loud and rude and mean like Steve, Cowboy Fred was gentle. He was always nice to other people. Fred wanted to play in the Rodeo but every time Steve left him out.

Even though Fred's feelings were hurt he was never mean to Steve. Fred just went and did something else. He played his own games. Eventually, Fred began to notice that the other kids didn't want to hang out with Steve. They got tired of playing Steve's games. He was too mean to them. Soon all of the children were playing with Fred. Fred felt much better. but then Fred noticed that mean Cowboy Steve was all alone. He had no one to play with. So Fred went over and invited Steve to play with everyone.

Leader's Conclusion: Even though Steve had been mean to Fred, Fred continued to be nice and gentle toward Steve. God wants us to be gentle.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries