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Detective Days

The Good Samaritan



This series follows the Celebrity Days Series. The aim of Celebrity Days was to introduce the children to Jesus. It covered the cross and its centrality to Christianity. Detective Days will be "Investigating what Jesus taught". Now that they know Jesus, it is important to cover what Jesus expects of us. The lessons will cover three of Jesus' parables. The lessons will be applied to the lives of children.

Lesson One - The Good Samaritan

During the course of the lesson different clues will be revealed. The children will be able to come up with the message of the program by the end. They will be able to tell what Jesus expects us to do.


  • To teach the children the story of "The Good Samaritan".
  • To communicate that the children should love one another.
  • To apply these concepts to a life situation.


This program was designed to suit the Zoo Bus. The opening segment is simply used to keep the children occupied while the others are removing their boots and entering the bus. We usually select an upbeat cartoon video if one is available. In this time slot, games are an option if you have someone to run them.


The rules are essential for maintaining control of the program. Make sure they are simple so that even the youngest child can understand them. Repeat them each week.


Begin each program with prayer. This might be the only opportunity the children have to pray so make sure it isn't boring and use words that they can understand.


Make it loud, fun and upbeat. The kids will love it and they will never stop singing. We want them to keep on singing when they go home. This may be the only way that Christian words, thoughts and ideas enter the homes of the children.


Indoor games are usually quieter than outdoor games. At "The Zoo", we try to use word games as an alternative.

Game #1 - Passport Game

In this game plastic passports were obtained. "Post it Notes" (c) were placed inside the covers. Each one had a different local place written on it. Each also had three words that you aren't allowed to say. The contestant must have their team say the place without saying the three words.

Game #2 - Memory Game

The contestant will be able to see all of the cards for 30 seconds. Each card has a shape, animal or object on it. After this brief period the cards are flipped over so the contestant can no longer see them. The contestant must then try to remember where each one and its match are located.

Memory Verse

Luke 10:27

A puppet is dressed up to be a detective. He is helping to teach a memory verse through interaction with the children and the memory verse leader. We selected Einstein the Elephant. He was dressed in a new moustache and an appropriate cap.

Leader: Welcome to the office of the Zoo's own super sleuth... Einstein PI. Let's see what he has been up to lately. Hi Einstein, how's the detective business?

Einstein: Hi (leader), glad you guys stopped by my office. I'm really pleased to see you. I've been working on figuring out a message, maybe you can help.

Leader: All right, we'll try. Let us take a look at it.

Einstein: Well, you see, I received this note from another detective. He told me that it would be a good clue for the case I'm working on but the problem is his typewriter wasn't working well. Some of the letters or the keys on it were broken.

Leader: Let's see if we can fix it. (The children have to help the leader fill in the blanks and create the verse. After they have put it together, the leader will help them memorize it) "Love your neighbour as yourself." Luke 10:27

Einstein: That's great. I'm really glad you guys helped me to figure out the verse. That's great. I know it has something to do with this video. Let's take a look....

Leader: I'll get it set up.

Story: "Good Samaritan Video" by Nest Entertainment.

Skit - Snake and Julie

Snake is the neighbourhood tough guy. He is quite nasty.

Julie: What did you think of that cartoon, snake?

Snake: You don't believe that load of baloney do you? Look at me, I don't even help my friends.

Julie: Well Snake, if you don't help your friends who do you help?

Snake: I don't need to help anybody. No one ever helps me. I help myself. I take what's best for me! So there.

Julie: Oh Snake, I think you missed the point of the movie.

Snake: Oh yeah, it was stupid anyway. I would have beat the guy up too!

Julie: Wow Snake. That isn't what the movie said! Listen and I'll explain...

Snake: What do you know anyway...

Julie: Wait Snake.... Oh, I guess he's gone. He really didn't understand. That movie was about a story that Jesus taught. Jesus told us about it so we could learn from it. He wanted us to learn to be kind and show love to each other and to help other people. I'll go find Snake and see if he'll listen now.


At this point in the program it is often helpful to have someone come out and sum up the lesson.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries