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Celebrity Days

Jesus is King


This three lesson series was written to introduce the children to Jesus. It is very basic and was designed with the question "Do you know Jesus? " in mind. The lessons include simple facts about Jesus so that a child will have enough information to make a personal decision. The Easter story was incorporated into these lessons.

In order to teach the lessons and make them interesting a theme was selected. This time it is "Celebrity Days". Celebrities and movie stars to tell stories and help teach.


This curriculum was written to be used in the Zoo Bus in confined space. For this reason a large number of props were not required. Some ideas: a director's chair, megaphone, signs, movie camera, film and old movie posters. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination.

Lesson Two - Jesus Is King

This is the Palm Sunday lesson. It is stressing the idea that Jesus is the King. It introduces the children to another part of Jesus' life on earth. It makes them familiar with what happened before Easter.


  • To communicate that Jesus is the King and He can be the King of our lives.
  • To share how to make Jesus the King in our lives.


In an indoor program it has been necessary for us to occupy the kids while we collect boots and organize their entry. During this time a movie playing is helpful. It diverts the attention of the children and keeps them from being bored while they wait. This could also be done by another leader if the TV/VCR are not available. Games are good. Activity centers are ideal if you are dealing with a classroom situation.


The rules must remain consistent. It is helpful to make sure that they don't change from week to week so that the children are aware of what is expected of them. If you need to add rules as problems arise, make sure they don't contradict the existing rules.


Not only do we need to be praying for our program, we need to pray for individual children. There needs and concerns can be shared at "The Zoo". They need God in their lives and it is our responsibility to intercede on their behalf.


Teaching new songs can be a lot of fun. The children seem to enjoy learning new actions and words. It is best if only one new song is introduced at a time. This will allow for some familiar material to be mixed with the new. This time should be used to teach easy concepts through song. If you had live keyboard or guitar music it would add to the excitement level of the program.


Game #1 - Word Lightning

Select two players. One boy, one girl. One letter in the alphabet is chosen. The first contestant must write as many words as they can that begin with the selected letter. They must do this in one minute. The second contestant does the same thing with a different letter.

Game #2 - Charades

Select two players. One girl, one boy. Approximately twenty simple words are written on separate pieces of paper. The first contestant is shown a word and must act it out so that his /her team can guess what it is. The contestant must act out as many words as he/she can in one minute. The second contestant must look at different words and act out as many as possible in one minute.

Memory Verse

Mark 11:9

This memory verse is an interaction between the children and some celebrities. Einstein the Elephant and Porklena Hogg are both present again this week. They are trying to learn the memory verse.

Leader: Guess who is back this week? It is our very special celebrities, the director and the actress.

Einstein the Director: Hi everyone! We are pleased to you are here. This week Porklena and I have been working really hard on the movie. We have been rehearsing all of her lines and I am sure this week that she will be able to recite it to you. Come on, we are ready for you Porklena.

Porklena: Oh, oh hello everyone! I'm all ready. I have been working hard and I know it all now.

Einstein the Director: Ok (leader) do you have the verse?

Leader: Yes, here it is. I'll have the kids read it before we start just to refresh your memory. "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." Mark 11:9

Einstein: Ok Porklena, my darling, try it.

Porklena: No problem at all. I can handle it... Here goes... "Hooray, blessed is He who runs in the game of the Ford." Mark 11:9

Leader: That's not so bad Porklena. Mark 11:9 is the right verse and the first word is close. Hosanna is sort of like Hooray. You just mixed up a few words. I'll have the kids read it again to help you out. "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." Mark 11:9. Now try it.

Einstein: Ok Porklena one more time.

Porklena: Ok, let me see... It is "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." Mark 11:9.

Einstein: Excellent Porklena, you are brilliant. Do you know what it means?

Porklena: No, do you?

Einstein: No, maybe (leader) does?

Porklena: Ok (leader), what does that verse mean? Do the kids know?

Leader: Does anybody here know what that verse means? I think it is talking about when Jesus came riding into town. The people were shouting it. They were excited to see Jesus come. They said Hooray! Blessed is the guy who comes. He is the Lord." That is not exactly the same thing but close. Let's watch the movie and see if we can figure it out.


This section is usually time for a story. In "The Zoo" bus, we have a TV/VCR system so we chose to use a video. A cartoon story. The children seemed to enjoy the change.

This movie was also taken from a video series. It is a cartoon which includes an excerpt of Palm Sunday. It was rented from a local Christian Bookseller. The cartoon was not as good in quality as those done by "Nest Entertainment".

Critics Corner

This section of the story will be discussed by two puppets. The puppets are movie critics and they discuss the meaning of the movie for us.

You can use any puppets to do this. We chose to use two hairy monster puppets.

Sedrick: Good evening Herbert.

Herbert: Good evening Sedrick.

Sedrick: Welcome to Critic's Corner, the show where we watch movies and then decide whether we liked them or not.

Herbert: That's right Sedrick. We just finished watching a wonderful video about Jesus. What did you think of it Sedrick?

Sedrick: Well, I liked it. I liked how the kids travelled through time and got to see Jesus.

Herbert: That was pretty cool! I think it would have been neat to see Jesus riding into the city on a donkey.

Sedrick: Jesus told his disciples to go and get that donkey. I liked that part too.

Herbert: My favourite part was when Jesus rode into the city and all the people were yelling and saying stuff. What were they saying? I didn't catch it.

Sedrick: They were saying Hosanna! That means Praise God! The people recognized that Jesus was a King and they were excited to see him!

Herbert: That's cool. I would be thrilled to see Jesus.

Sedrick: Overall, I thought that the movie was great!

Herbert: I agree! Join us next week on Critics Corner.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries