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Hero/Game Show Days

Jesus Is Love


In 1996 when we look at the world we see few heroes. There are not very many people who can set a good example for our children. As Christians we have a responsibility not only to be role models but also to direct the eyes of children and all people to the greatest hero of all time... Jesus. Jesus is alive and present today to be our own personal hero.

According to the dictionary a hero is a person admired for great deeds and noble qualities. Jesus is to be admired for his great actions but also for his noble characteristics. He was perfect, the ultimate example of what a hero is. It exemplifies all of the qualities we look for in a hero!

There are many examples of heroes that exhibited some of Jesus' characteristics. They show qualities of Jesus in their actions and as a result are seen as heroes. Many of their stories are found in the bible. The purpose of this series is three fold:

  • To portray Jesus as the greatest hero of all time.
  • To show the children the stories of other people who are heroes because they are like Jesus.
  • To let the children know that when they show characteristics of Jesus they can be heroes in their own community.

Lesson One - Jesus is Love

He shows us the example of how to be loving to one another. He exemplifies loving behaviour. In this segment we are stressing that Jesus is the ultimate hero and this is because he shows what love really is.

We will be looking at Jonathan as a hero because he showed love like Jesus. He treated his friend David with love in spite of circumstances. This type of love will be shown again in a modern story that the children will be able to relate to. It will show the children how they can be a hero by showing this quality in their neighbourhood.


  • Huge Banner that says "Jesus is The Greatest Hero of All Time".
  • Christmas lights around opening of the puppet stage.
  • Super Hero costumes.
  • Sign on puppet stage "Real Life Stories".

We have combined two themes. We will be learning about heroes but using some "game show" props, games, theme.


In this opening a dinosaur costume is used. The dinosaur is called "Revelation Rex". He often makes appearances at "The Zoo". This time he is wearing a cape. He will share the rules and introduce the theme.

Ask the children, what is a hero? Is Revelation Rex the hero of "The Zoo"? No, Jesus is the hero of "The Zoo".

This will be followed by a puppet song. "Power in the Blood".


If control is an issue it may be necessary to place the opening after the rules. This doesn't harm the program it simply helps the leaders to maintain discipline.


As always the lesson opens with prayer. This will become a habit. It is important to instil it as a habit in the lives of the children at an early age.


Hero Dress Up Relay

Select three boys and three girls. This is a relay. The participants will line up and the first contestant will put on a cape. They will run and then jump over two pylons (leap over tall buildings) and then lift weights and runs to the end and runs back, removes costume and hands it to the next contestant. The team finished first wins.

Hero Saves the Town Relay

Select four boys and four girls. There has been a flood and the hero must build a bean bag wall to stop the rapidly approaching water. There will be four participants standing in line about six feet apart. The first will have a bucket of bean bags. They will pick it up and throw it to the next person. One at a time. If it is dropped it can't be used. It will be tossed from the second person to the third and to the fourth who will construct the wall. The team with the most bean bags in the wall wins.

Memory Verse

The verse will be taught as usual but it will be part of a puzzle. You have to solve the puzzle in order to reveal the verse. The solving of the puzzle will be similar to a game show type quiz.

There will be entry music, flashing lights and the sign flips up. Pre recorded intro will say... "Now it's time for everybody's favourite game show, Real Life Stories, with your host, Alex Tie Rack". The puppet will enter and explain the game. (Helper will hold up applause sign).

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I'm Alex Tie Rack. I'm glad to see you here today. Let me tell you about our show: In this part of the show you will have to solve a puzzle to find the memory verse and you will have to learn the verse. So let's try it.

Assistant and volunteer come out with the puzzle. This time it will be played like hangman. Each team will take turns picking letters until one team can say the verse, then the verse will be memorized.

Once they have done that and have memorized the verse the host will speak again... Well now that you have learned the verse, try hard to remember it. You will need to know it in the next part of the show. The memory verse is like a clue for the next part. If you can answer the question at the end of the story using the memory verse for the next three weeks, you can win the grand prize.

The prize is in box number one or number two. You can pick. At the end of three weeks if you listen to the story and answer the questions you all can share the grand prize! Exits to music again.

Object Lesson - Love


The story will be narrated with puppets acting out the story in the background. It will be two very short stories. They will be done one in bible times costumes and the other in modern outfits.

Story Number One

A long time ago there was a boy named David. He was about your age. David had a special job at Saul's house. When Saul felt bad, David played music for him, then Saul would feel better. Now Saul had a son and his name was Jonathan. Jonathan liked David very much. He gave David his robe and tunic. He gave David his bow, his belt and his sword. They became best friends.

God blessed David. Whenever David went to fight, he won. People began to like David better than Saul. This made Saul jealous and angry. Saul got so angry at David, he threw his spear at him. He tried to kill David but David ran from Saul.

Jonathan said, "you must leave this city David. Get away from Saul" . David was sad but Jonathan said, "we will always be friends. We are best friends forever".

Jonathan was a hero and he loved David and even though it would have made him happy to have David stay, he knew it would be better if he left.

Story Number Two

Last week Ann and her best friend Jane were walking to school. They walked together every day. It was really snowy and icy one morning when they left home to go to school. They both wore hats and mitts and big winter boots. As they walked down the street a car came speeding around the corner. Both the girls were scared. Ann pulled Jane out of the way. The car just missed them. But both of the girls fell onto the ice. Jane began to cry. She had broken her arm. Ann helped her up and took her to a neighbours house. They called Jane's mom. Ann was a good friend. She loved her best friend and she showed her love by helping her friend.


Entry music/lights/sign/pre recorded message

Now it's time once again for everybody's favourite game show, "Real Life Stories". Please welcome our host, Alex Tie Rack.

Hi, welcome to part two of our game show! In this part of the show contestants will answer the exciting question: "What is the same about these two stories"?

You, the studio audience and our wonderful contestants have both seen the two stories, one about Jonathan and David and the other about Ann and Jane. We will try to figure out what is the same about the stories.

If you are able to figure out the answer and help a contestant get it right, you will win a prize and have a chance to win the grand prize in two more weeks.

Ok, lets call on our first contestant: All the way from Lake Woe Be Gone, Kansas, we have Grandma Jones. (Applause)

Alex: Ok Grandma, you know how to play the game. You just have to tell us what is the same about these two stories.

Grandma: Ok sonny, I think I can do it. I think the stories are the same because they both....

Alex: I'm sorry Grandma, that's not the answer we were looking for. It's time to call our next contestant: Contestant number two is all the way from Barnwell B.C.... Mr. Bob Bacon, the pig farmer. (Applause)

Bob: Hi Alex.

Alex: Ok Mr. Bacon, tell us what is the same about the two stories...

Bob: Ok Alex (snort, snort) I believe they are the same because....

Alex: I'm sorry Bob, that's not quite right. Well, let's see, I need another contestant and there he is: Let's welcome our next contestant and a regular here at "The Zoo".... Franklin. (Applause)

Alex: Ok Franklin, you're an average kid. You've been here before. Do you think you can answer the question?

Franklin: Well, I'll try.

Alex: What is the same about the stories?

Franklin: Well both the stories are about heroes. Jonathan was a hero because he showed love. Ann was a hero too because she showed love.

Alex: Hooray! Franklin, that's right! Both Jonathan and Ann are heroes. They both showed love to the people around them. They are heroes because they showed love like Jesus. Jesus is the ultimate hero because he showed love all of the time. Let's share in Franklin's prize.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries