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Hero/Game Show Days

Jesus was Obedient


In 1996 when we look at the world we see few heroes. There are not very many people who can set a good example for our children. As Christians we have a responsibility not only to be role models but also to direct the eyes of children and all people to the greatest hero of all time... Jesus. Jesus is alive and present today to be our own personal hero.

According to the dictionary a hero is a person admired for great deeds and noble qualities. Jesus is to be admired for his great actions but also for his noble characteristics. He was perfect, the ultimate example of what a hero is. It exemplifies all of the qualities we look for in a hero!

There are many examples of heroes that exhibited some of Jesus' characteristics. They show qualities of Jesus in their actions and as a result are seen as heroes. Many of their stories are found in the bible. The purpose of this series is three fold:

  • To portray Jesus as the greatest hero of all time.
  • To show the children the stories of other people who are heroes because they are like Jesus.
  • To let the children know that when they show characteristics of Jesus they can be heroes in their own community.

As Christians we need to learn to obey God. Jesus sets the ultimate example. He was obedient to God all the time. He obeyed even in the face of death. This lesson will show the children other examples of people who obeyed and communicate that we need to be obedient as well.

Lesson Three - Jesus Was Obedient


  • Huge Banner that says "Jesus is The Greatest Hero of All Time".
  • Christmas lights around opening of the puppet stage.
  • Super Hero costumes.
  • Sign on puppet stage "Real Life Stories".

We have combined two themes. We will be learning about heroes but using some "game show" props, games, theme.


Since "Game Show Days" were intended to be flashy we have selected puppet music to open the program. In this case we selected another remixed hymn "All Hail the Power". We did a small portion of the song just to get the attention of our audience.


Review the rules. As your program develops, add or adapt rules to suit your need.


Always include prayer. Pray for the children that attend your program and their families. You never know how God might touch their lives.


This portion of the program can be an opportunity to use up some energy and make it fun.


Piggy Back Relay

Select two girls/two guys. One girl carries the other on her back. The child on the back gets a blindfold. The two must run to a volunteer and grab a fish and place it on the stage. Once they have obtained all of the paper fish they must sort them out to spell a word. The first team to get all of their fish and complete the word wins.

Leapfrog/Beanbag Race

Select four girls/four boys. Each team will line up at a pylon. They must leap frog over one another carrying bean bags. Once they make it to the end they drop the bags in a bucket. Continue to leap frog back and forth until all of the bean bags are in the bucket. The first team to get all of their bean bags in wins.

Memory Verse

Help me understand so I can obey your teachings. Psalm 119:34

The memory verse will be taught to the children but like in the previous lesson it will be done in the form of a puzzle. It will be presented in a game show style.

The segment opens with music, flashing lights and a pre-recorded message says the same thing each week.... "Now it's time for everybody's favorite game show, Real Life Stories, with your host Alex Tie Rack." Alex the puppet will enter at this point and explain the game.

"Hello and welcome! I am your host Alex Tie Rack and I am pleased that you could join me for the grand prize show. Over the past two weeks you have learned our memory verses and you have helped to answer the questions about the stories. What a smart crowd! If you can do it again this week you might win our grand prize, which is behind box # 1 or box # 2! Let's get started. In this first part of our show you have to solve the puzzle to learn the verse. My assistant will help you.

This game is played like hang man. There are blanks for each letter. The teams select letters to fill the blanks and eventually solve the puzzle. The assistant will help them to do this and will help teach the verse.

After the children have learned the verse the host returns!

Well, that was extremely well done. You learned the verse very quickly. Don't forget it because you will need it for the next part of our show. The memory verse is like a clue for the next part of our game. If you can answer the question at the end of the story using the memory verse, you can win the grand prize.

(Note: The above section contains dialogue for Alex Tie Rack but it is only a suggestion. Please try to create your own personality for Alex, don't stick to what is written. The puppet is more exciting when it reflects you!)


The story will be narrated with puppets acting out the story in the background. It will be two very short stories. They will be done one in bible times costumes and the other in modern outfits.

Story Number One


Noah was a man who lived years ago. Noah was a good man. He was obedient to God. He listened to God and always tried hard to please God. One day God spoke to Noah. God said, "I am not pleased with the people on the earth. I am going to send a huge flood and destroy everything. I will save you Noah. I need you to build a big boat."

Noah must have thought that was a crazy idea but he was obedient. He built a hge boat it was called an ark. Everyone thought Noah was silly. Noah did exactly what God wanted. Next God told him to collect two of every kind of animal and put them on the boat. When they were all in, Noah closed the door. Suddenly, it began to rain. All of the people who had thought Noah was nuts began to change their minds. The world flooded and everything was destroyed except Noah and his Ark. But finally it began to dry up and God sent a rainbow as a promise that he would never do that again.

Noah did what God wanted, he was obedient.

Story Number Two

Rob and The Street Connection

This second story isn't about someone in the Bible, it is about someone all of you know. It is about Rob Pattison.

A few years ago Rob was working with computers. One day God began to speak to Rob. God didn't talk to Rob with a voice that he could hear like Noah. God can give us a message in our hearts. God gave Rob a very special message. He asked Rob and his family to start helping people in Halifax. Rob didn't know quite what to do so he prayed about it and Rob left his job and started the Street Connection. Some people thought that Rob was crazy. They thought it would be smarter for Rob to keep his old job but Rob knew that wasn't what God wanted. Rob was obedient to God. Eventually God told Rob to start a Sunday School for kids and that is how the Zoo started. It all happened because Rob listened to God.


Entry music/lights/sign/pre recorded message

Now it's time once again for everybody's favorite game show, "Real Life Stories". Please welcome our host, Alex Tie Rack.

Hi, welcome to part two of our game show! In this part of the show contestants will answer the exciting question: "What is the same about these two stories"?

You, the studio audience and our wonderful contestants have both seen the two stories, "Noah" and "Rob and the Street Connection". We will try to figure out what is the same about the stories.

If you are able to figure out the answer and help a contestant get it right, you will win a prize and have a chance to win the grand prize in one more week.

(Note: All contestants are puppet characters who have appeared in previous lessons. This is an opportunity to use characters that the children know. Adapt the script to incorporate your own stars.)

Ok, here is our first contestant, all the way from the jungle "Chatty the Monkey". (Applause)

Chatty: (makes a few monkey noises) Hi Alex.

Alex: Well Chatty we are glad you could make it. Do you think that you can answer our question? What is the same about these two stories?

Chatty: Sure I can. (monkey noises) I watched the two stories and I think that they are the same because they are both about Crazy people. I can't believe the first guy what's his name Noah? He built a giant boat definitely nuts. That other guy Rob , he's crazy too. He left a good job and started a bus thing. Weird, very weird.

Alex: Chatty. I'm really sorry but that is just not the answer we wanted. Sure they stared out sounding crazy but I don't think you paid attention to the rest of the story. See you later.

Chatty: Ok thanks Alex.

Alex: Time to call on our next contestant... they young lady came from a lovely little farm in Nova Scotia, let's welcome Blanche, the sheep.

Blanche: (She has a high pitched voice and stutters on words that begin with "B" as though she were going to "Baaah".) Boy am I ever excited to be here, Alex.

Alex: We are certainly glad that you could make it. Do you think that you can answer the question? (she nods) Ok try it out.... What is the same about these two stories?

Blanche: The boys in the stories both built. The Bible boy built a boat and Bob built a bus.

Alex: Blance, that is the truth. They guy from the bible did build a boat and Rob did start a bus ministry. That was a good answer but it still wasn't the one we were looking for. Thanks.

Blanche: Bye Bye.

Alex: Ok audience there is only one contestant left. Let's try to help him out so that you can win the grand prize. Welcome contestant # 3 from the greenhouse down the street, in grade four at your school..... it's Joshua. (Josh enters) Glad you could make it Joshua.

Joshua: Hi Alex. I think I figured this out.

Alex: Ok Josh, what is the same about these two stories?

Joshua: The first story was about Noah and he listened to God and he did what God told him to. Rob listened to God and he did what God said. The stories are the same because they are both about people who obeyed God.

Alex: Hooray! That is exactly right. In both stories the people were obedient. You know we can be obedient to God. God might not ask us to do something as big as Noah or Rob but we can still obey. By following the things that God teaches us in the Bible we can be obedient. Jesus is a hero for us just like Noah and Rob but Jesus is the ultimate hero. Jesus always obeyed God, he never, ever disobeyed.

I think that you all did so well learning verses and stories that you deserve to win a grand prize. (Allow the children to select box # 1 or box # 2).

Pray and then dismiss them with their prize.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries