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Mission Possible Days

The Great Mission



This curriculum series is based on the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew. "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19,20. This verse is essential for our Christian walk, we have a responsibility to share the Good News. Christ has asked us to go to others and teach them. This is the goal of "The Zoo" program but it will also be the goal of these lessons. We will be trying to equip the children to go home and to school and share the message. This is the final phase of our yearly cycle. All year we have been teaching and introducing the kids to Jesus and now it is our task to equip them to share Jesus with others. (All lessons will be quite simple and will still include an evangelistic message for those children who might have missed this over the course of the summer months.)

The theme will be taken from the 1996 summer movie called "Mission Impossible". It will be a spy, espionage, intrigue kind of theme. The characters will be mysterious and dressed appropriately. The music and lighting will help contribute to the effect. The Zoo Bus Puppet Stage was decorated to go with the theme. We chose to use this theme while the movie was still fairly fresh in people's minds. During this series we will go back to using videos since the TV & VCR are available.


  • CD of the "Mission Impossible" theme music
  • Lesson 3 - The Great "Mission"

    Over the past two weeks the "Mission Possible" series has covered how to look things up in the Bible and what our message is. During the final lesson the emphasis will be on sharing the message. Based on the Great Commission Matthew 28:19, the children will be encouraged to share the love of Christ and His message of salvation in their community.


    • to encourage the children to share the gospel message with their friends and other people in their community.
    • to teach the children that Jesus loves them.


    In the Zoo bus there is not really a lot of space. While the children are entering and finding a seat, we usually show a video or cartoon to catch their attention. This occupies their time so that they don't get into fights or pick on one another.


    Creativity when presenting the rules each week can help make this segment more interesting. Try letting the children volunteer the rules. This will also reveal how many they actually know. A puppet could present the rules or the rules could be placed in a game. Writing them out and reading them might be a nice variation. You could try to present all of the rules in a positive manner. Instead of saying no hitting you could say that one of the things that you have to do at the Zoo is be nice to everyone around you.


    Here is an example of what you might pray at the Zoo:
    Dear Lord, We thank you that you love us and you listen to us when we pray. Please be with us here at the Zoo and help us to learn more about you. In your precious name we pray, Amen.


    Due to limited space and high attendance at the Zoo bus, we have had to make adaptations. At times we have found it easier, if the children remain seated. This causes less confusion. Adapt the actions so that they can be done while seated.


    All games in this series were designed to suit the "secret agent" theme. They were also changed so that they could be used on the Zoo bus.

    Game 1 - Bible Books

    Using the table of contents at the front of a Bible, two contestants try to put cards with Bible book names on them in order. The cards are spread out. They have to flip them over and sort them out. The object of the game is to see how many they can put in order in one minute.

    Game 2 - Secret Agent Pictionary

    Select one contestant at a time. The contestant selects a card with a word on it and they must draw it so his/her team can guess what it is. Every correct guess gains one point for their team. The contestant tries to gain as many points as possible in one minute. The second contestant does the same thing. The team with the most points wins.

    Memory Verse

    The "Mission Possible" music comes on and the "SPY GUY" sneaks up and dances to the music. He hands the leader a memory verse. The memory verse is written in invisible ink. The children come up and uncover letters.

    The children have to repeat the verse until they have memorized it.

    "Go then to people everywhere and share the Good News".

    Matthew 28:19

    Leader: (After the verse has been uncovered and the children have had a chance to read it). This verse is not something that we have made up. It comes right from the Bible. It is something that Jesus told His disciples to do, and it is a message for us. We are supposed to share the good news with people wherever we go. The Good News is what we learned about last. The Good News is that Jesus loves us and that he died to pay for our sins!

    Object Lesson

    An amateur video was filmed to reinforce the lesson. It presents the same point in a different way through a different medium. This could be done as a simple puppet skit.

    Skit #3

    Our camera is focused on an object. It slowly moves to reveal the spy guy, and then it moves again and comes to rest on a sign that says "Agent Headquarters". This is done while the "Mission Impossible" theme music is playing in the background.

    Boss: Hi Spy Guy! How did you do with your mission? Why don't you have a seat?

    Spy: I came here to tell you about it, I figured out the code. I know how to look things up in the Bible. I can teach the other agents if you'd like?

    Boss: Sure, but how did the rest of the mission go?

    Spy: It was great. I found the message, Back Street Bernie had it. It was about Jesus, it said that Jesus died for us and he will forgive us for our sins. So there you have it boss, my work is done. I'll see you later for my next assignment.

    Boss: Hold it there, not so fast. Your mission is just beginning.

    Spy: What? I hope your not serious, I need a break. I found out all the information.

    Boss: You did get all the information, you did a great job. You learned about the Bible and you learned that Jesus loves you. That is real important, it can change peoples lives, but you have only completed part one. You forgot part two.

    I have a piece of the code, it says Matt 28:19. I'll look it up and then you'll know what to do next. It says " Go then to people everywhere and share the Good News".

    Spy: You can't be serious? That verse is crazy. How can I go everywhere? That is nuts, Boss. Wait a minute, what Good News?

    Boss: Don't panic. It does not mean that you have to go everywhere. That verse gives you a very special mission. A mission that Jesus gave to all of us. Jesus wants us to share what we have learned. We have learned that Jesus loves each of us and he died for us, that is the Good News and that is what he wants us to share with people.

    Spy: But Boss that is really hard, that will take forever.

    Boss: That is a mission that will take us our whole lives. No matter how old we get we can always share Jesus with others.

    Spy: Oh, I think I get it, this is something that I can do everyday.

    Boss: That is right Spy Guy! Now get on with your mission. Oh wait a minute, you'll need this, it is a Bible. All the stuff about Jesus is in there.

    Spy: Thanks Boss. I'd better hurry up, I have a big job to do!


    The story was read while the puppets acted it out.

    Orangeo had worked really hard. He finished all the assignments that his boss had given him. Orangeo was pretty tired. He just wanted to take a break. So Orangeo was able to take the day off. He decided to go to the park for a walk.

    As he walked Orangeo remembered all of the things that he had learned. He could look things up in the Bible anytime he wanted. It was no trouble at all, he practiced all the time. Orangeo also remembered all the things that he learned about Jesus. He kept on walking.

    Eventually Orangeo sat down on a bench and then his friend Julie appeared. She had been out for a walk too and she sat down with Orangeo. Julie was having a bad day. She told Orangeo all about it. She failed a test, she went to the mall and lost her wallet, and she even had a fight with her Mom. What a day!

    Orangeo listened carefully to Julie and tried to be helpful.

    After a while Julie looked at her watched and remembered that she had an appointment so she left quickly.

    Orangeo got up and kept walking. He felt bad for Julie. Then Phobe came up beside him, she was in a great mood. She told Orangeo all about the great day that she was having. Everything was fantastic. Her soccer team won an big game that morning and her best friend was moving back into her neighbourhood. It just could not be a better day. Orangeo was really happy for her.

    A little while later Joshua walked by. He stopped Orangeo and Phobe. They all talked. Joshua told them about his day. It was OK. Nothing really good or bad happened. It was a pretty average day.

    When Orangeo went home he found a piece of paper in his pocket from work. The Boss must have given it to him on the way out the door. It had his memory verse on it. It was Matthew 28:19. Orangeo remembered the verse. It said.... "Go then to people everywhere and share the Good News".

    That made Orangeo think. Should he have shared the Good News today? Did anyone of his friends need to know about Jesus?

    Leader's Conclusion

    (This short segment is an opportunity to talk to the children about what they have just heard).


    • Should Orangeo have told his friends about Jesus?
    • Which friends needed Jesus more? (Trick question, "All of them did).
    • Should we share Jesus with our friends?
    • Who can remember the memory verse?

    The memory verse told us to share the truth with everyone. That includes all of our friends.


    Quiet Seat Prizes and Closing Prayer.

    Copyright 1997, Bread of Life Ministries