Free Children's Ministry Curriculum Written by Sheryl Coats

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God's Healing Power

The wonderful and magnificent Wonderfair...the greatest show on earth!!!!

Welcome to the wonderfair where we will be discovering the marvellous and wondrous miracles of God!

God's Miraculous Protection--Daniel the lion tamer
God's Miraculous Strength--Samson the strongest man on earth
God's Miraculous Provision-- Elijah and the widows never ending oil and flour...magically appearing out of thin air.
God's Miraculous Healing Power--Elijah raises the widows son from the dead. Power unmatched by any other.
God's Grace--the greatest miracle of all-- the death and resurrection of Jesus
God's Grand Finale--the great disappearing act--Elijah taken to heaven

The Set

Set up the room like a circus. Make a big top out of crete paper on the ceiling. Hand balloons all over the room. Make a back drop of a ticket booth, animal train, circus acts, etc. Use your creativity to make the room as bright and lively as possible.


This week: We will discover Gods miraculous healing power as Elijah raises the widows son from the dead.


To teach the children that:

  • God is wonderful and magnificent
  • God is in the miracle business
  • God will heal our bodys
  • Healing requires us to have faith.
  • God still does miracle today for kids like you and me.


Consistency is very important in maintaining control. Children will not learn in a chaotic environment. As we maintain control the children have a greater opportunity to truly experience the presence of God.

1. No illegal movement: wild animals need to be caged but boys and girls need to behave...stay in your seat and keep your hands and feet to yourself.
2. No interference: clowns are crazy but boys and girls can have fun without misbehaving...don't interrupt like the clowns or cause a commotion.
3. Go for the touch down: Lets have fun praising the Lord as we discover some of the magnificent miracles of God.


Remember to spend time in prayer this week for the children in our service. God is able to do great and powerful things when we seek his face.

Characters needed: ring master, Martin the magnificent magician, the crazy scientist, two clowns, (the rest of the crew will be made up of puppets)

Opening - Clown Skit

The two clowns enter fighting. They proceed to push each other. When one bends down the other pushes her over. When she falls over she "gets a boo boo" (have her have some red food coloring on her hand that she has kept hidden until this point.) She now thinks she is dieing. Once she has carried on sufficiently the ring master can tell her about God's healing power and how God takes care of us. Even when we hurt he is there to comfort us. And he has the power to heal us too.

Ring master can then introduce the world's greatest magician. The magician can do the rope trick where you cut a rope in half and it is magically put back together into one rope.

Ring master: There you have it ladies and gentlemen! You have seen with your very own eyes the great magician take a rope that has been cut in two and magically restore it to its original state. He has magically made the rope whole again. But, as awesome as this seems it is only a trick! (Show the children how it was done) Only God can make someone whole again. He can restore our bodies and make us well. (This is a good spot to tell a story about someone the kids know who has been healed)

Ring master can introduce the crazy scientist...Story of Elijah and the widow whose son died. (I kings 17) The crazy scientist (he is loud and obnoxious. He thinks he knows everything but doesn't. He is always mixing strange things together and making explosions) can tell the story.

Clowns Memory Verse Skit

Exodus 15:26 "I am the Lord that heals you." The ring master begins to explain how we can trust God when we need healing. As she speaks the clown comes out all bandaged up around the head, and walking on crutches, and an ace bandage around the leg or arm. (The memory verse is written on the inside of the ace bandage) The ring master can interact with the clown. She discovers the clown isn't really hurt but just wants attention. The ring master begins taking away the crutches, etc. Finally the ring master begins to unwind the ace bandage and discovers the memory verse written on it. Now the ring master can teach the clown the memory verse along with the kids.

Puppet Show - Bobo The Clown

Ring master: I hear Bobo back there again today. I wonder if she is getting ready to come up for a visit.

Bobo: Hello all. Allow me to introduce myself. I am blueberry banana split bacon big mac biscuit Bobo.

Ring master: My goodness Bobo. That is quite a long name! It sounds like you have food on your mind.

Bobo: (snickers) yeah...I just ate all those things. And some blue moon ice cream for dessert.

Ring master: Oh Bobo! You didn't!

Bobo: Yes, I do believe I did. Yes in fact I am sure I did. And a big bowl of broccoli and brownies..

Ring master: That is terrible Bobo!

Bobo: No, actually it was absolutely deeeeeliciiouuuuuus!

Ring master: I mean that it is terrible that you would eat all those things at once. Eating like that will make you sick bobo.

Bobo: Oh no it won't. I heard you talking up here today. I know your secret.

Ring master: what in the world are you talking about Bobo?

Bobo: Oh don't play dumb with me. I heard you tell the kids that God is powerful enough to heal our bodies.

Ring master: Well, that is true bobo. But that doesn't mean we can make ourselves sick and then expect God to make us feel better.

Bobo: (sounding shocked and sick) It doesn't????

Ring master: No it doesn't. God can heal our bodies but He is not a wish fairy that we can treat him any way we want and demand that he respond.

Bobo: (groaning) Oooooohhhh I feel so sick. My tummy hurts.

Ring master: I am not surprised. I think you should go lay down and rest for a while until you feel better.

Bobo: (groaning) Ohh oww ohhh. I think I will.

Ring master: good bye Bobo. I hope you feel better.

Object Lesson

(you will need a set of praying hands or a picture of hands, medical gloves, empty prescription bottle, and a pillow) Lay all the items out on a table. Explain to the kids that God is all powerful. He has power over sickness and even death. We need to trust God with our lives. When we are ill the first thing we need to do is pray! We need to seek God and listen to his voice. Sometimes he will heal us instantly. Sometimes he will lead us to a doctor who can help us. Sometimes he will show us that we need to rest and take better care of our bodies and he will heal us over the course of time. And sometimes he chooses not to heal us. When he chooses not to heal us, he always has a reason. We need to trust God to do the right thing because he always knows best.

Alter Call

Explain that the key to being healed is first of all asking. The bible tells us to ask God. The second thing is believing that God can heal us. And last is being willing to accept God's ways. Ask those that need God's healing to raise their hands. Have the rest of the kids lay hands on those requesting prayer and pray for them.

Copyright 1998, Sheryl Coats