Free Children's Ministry Curriculum Written by Sheryl Coats

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Welcome to the Celebration Medical Centre.


The set: set up the room like an emergency room.

This week: We will discover that we will all stand in judgement before God.


To teach the children that:

  • Everyone will die someday
  • Nobody knows when they will die
  • When you die you will be judged
  • Once you die it is too late to change your mind
  • You need to be ready NOW
  • You need to do everything you can to tell your friends to be ready


It sometimes seems to get old to review the rules week after week, but it is very important to do it anyways. Consistency is the key to effective discipline.

  1. No walk:
  2. No talk
  3. Have fun


Prayer is the key to effective ministry!!!!

Characters needed: Three stooge doctors, a dead patient, a dieing patient, and Bobo the puppet


You will need some form of gurney or way to move a person in who is "seriously injured". Two of the doctors come rushing in pushing a gurney with a patient on it. They are rushing around calling code Blue. The third doctor recognizes him as someone he knows and becomes very concerned because he doesn't know Jesus. He is frantically trying to revive the person and trying to tell him about Jesus. They wheel him up front and do everything they can to save him, but he doesn't make it. The first two doctors take an "oh well, we did what we could" attitude, while the third doctor is very distraught. He tries explaining that he had a chance to tell his friend about Jesus, but didn't because he didn't feel like it. He was too embarrassed and now it is too late! He didn't know his friend was going to die so soon...if only he had told him. (Some people die never having had anyone share the love of Jesus with them, because Christian people were too lazy or to embarrassed or thought it didn't really matter yet.)


Skit: A second patient comes into the hospital with serious side pain, but after waiting just seconds decides to leave and take care of his problem later. He reappears throughout the lesson each time deciding that he will wait and see a doctor later.


Charades: Make a list of 25 items. The object of the game is for the team to guess as many as possible within three minutes. (Point here is that eventually everyone runs out of time and must face judgement. Everyone eventually runs out of chances)


Hebrews 9:27 Every man must die once and then be judged! Use a hang man board to teach the memory verse


The patient with side pain reappears in the hospital and collapses on the floor dead. The doctors come to check on him and announce that he should have taken care of his problem before it was too late. Now he is dead and what could have been cured before can no longer be cured. (Some people die unsaved even though they knew about Jesus, because they were having so much fun they thought they could wait until they were older to make a commitment to Jesus)


(Bobo comes up wearing a new watch)

Leader: Good morning Bobo.

Bobo: Howdy, Howdy!! Hey, look here at my new super duper cool watch.

Leader: That is a very nice watch Bobo.

Bobo: You bet it is!!!

Leader: Can you tell time Bobo?

Bobo: Of course I can!! What shall I tell it?

Leader: I mean do you know what time it is?

Bobo: Nope

Leader: Well, look at your watch. What time does it say?

Bobo: Ah, it's not a talking watch, It doesn't say anything except tick tock.

Leader: Let me see that watch Bobo. (Looks at Bobo's watch) Why, it runs a little too fast Bobo.

Bobo: It most certainly does not! It doesn't run at all. It just sits here on my arm and doesn't go anyplace else.

Leader: Bobo, you don't know anything about time!!

Bobo: Sure I do. I knew enough to put my watch under my pillow last night.

Leader: why in the world would you need to do that?

Bobo: Well, I wanted to wake up ON TIME for church this morning.

Leader: Oh Bobo, you are something else. So I guess you don't know what time it is now huh?

Bobo: I know what time it isn't.

Leader: oh yeah?? What time isn't it?

Bobo: It isn't twelve o'clock because my mom told me to be home for lunch at twelve.

Leader: how do you know it isn't twelve.

Bobo: Well, I'm here and not there so it must not be twelve...and they call me a dummy!!

Leader: You, know Bobo, there are a lot of people out there that really are dummies.

Bobo: What do you mean?

Leader: Well, you see Bobo, a lot of people think they have lots of time to ask Jesus to save them from their sin. What they don't realize is that they may not have much time.

Bobo: why's that?

Leader: They might die today.

Bobo: Are they sick or something?

Leader: No, Bobo, but life is uncertain. No one know exactly when they will die. They might die suddenly in a car accident or something.

Bobo: Can't they just get saved after they die?

Leader: I'm afraid not. We each must make that choice before we die. Once we die our choice can't be changed.

Bobo: you mean that if my friends die without asking Jesus into their hearts they are going to go to hell?

Leader: you hit the nail on head. Now is the time to make that choice because we don't know what is going to happen in the next instant of time.

Bobo: Wow!! It sounds like now is the time to tell my friends about Jesus too.

Leader: It sure is.

Bobo: I am going to go make a list of people I want to share the love of Jesus with. Bye everyone.

Leader: Sounds like a great idea. See you later Bobo.


You will need matches, photographs, baby booties, wedding veil, or other items that might be lost in a fire which are not replaceable. Light a match and talk about playing with fire. Explain that you can play with fire a lot of times and nothing bad happens, but sometimes when someone least expects it things get out of control and the house catches fire. It goes up in flames quickly and all the possessions that are inside lost forever. Photographs and personal treasures cannot be replaced. Once they are burned up in a fire they are gone forever. We can play with sin, but sometimes when we least expect it we die and then it is too late to save our souls.


Tell the story of the rich man who died and went to hell and how he begged Abraham to send Lazarus to him to dip his finger in water and cool his tongue. Make sure the kids understand that death is final. We each have a choice and it must be made while we are alive. Our friends also have to make that choice. What if your friend dies in an accident today? Will they make it to heaven? Have you bothered to tell them about Jesus?


You will need flash paper for this part of the lesson. Hold up the flash paper which has a face drawn on it. Introduce the flash paper as George. Begin to tell about George and about his day; How he brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, walked to school, etc. Then at some point, he encounters a freak accident and dies instantly (light the flash paper).. Suddenly, his life is over, completely unexpected. Life is uncertain; we don't know when we are going to die. Now is the time to be saved and now is the time to tell your friends!!!


Copyright 1998, Sheryl Coats