Free Children's Ministry Curriculum Written by Sheryl Coats

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Bugs Bugs and More Bugs

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Bugs Bugs and More Bugs!

Lesson Five

Our new theme takes us into the meadow to discover mysteries about bugs. At the same time we will discover mysteries about our relationship with Christ. The puppet stage will be decorated with grass and flowers and bugs and anything else that gives the appearance of a meadow...a few fake trees and some artificial turf can really add to the effect.


To teach the children that:

  • God gives insects ways to protect themselves
  • God also protects us from our enemy Satan who is just waiting to attack
  • We need to put on the armour of God and be ready
  • We need to trust God to protect us


Maintaining order is important. It is important to review the rules on a weekly basis, both for the sake of new children and to remind the other children what is expected of them.

1. No illegal movement: Stay in your seat and keep hands and feet to yourself
2. No interference: Don't interrupt the lesson
3. Go for the touch down: Lets have fun!


Prayer is the key to our ministry. If we fail to prepare with prayer we have failed! As prayer sets the tone for our preparation, it also sets the stage for our program. It sets the kids off on the right step knowing they are in the presence of God. Many of these kids need to know that God loves them and will protect them if they ask him to.


Puppet song about trusting God.


"Trust the Lord always, because he is our rock forever." Isaiah 26:4. Build a bug memory verse. Cut out large bugs. Label each piece with a piece of the verse. Have the kids race to put it together.


The prof comes in dressed in a costume, but still noticeably the prof.

Ms. D: Look who's coming kids...

Prof: (trying to disguise his voice to sound like a little girl) Good morning! I am little red riding hood and I have lost my way.

Ms. D: Why good morning red riding hood. What big shoulders you have.

Prof: Uhhhh, yes, well I eat my wheaties.

Ms. D: Oh but what big feet you have for a little girl.

Prof: (snickers) My daddy had big feet...a heredity thing you know.

Ms. D: But little red, what wild and crazy hair you have sticking out your bonnet.

Prof: (startled, and resuming his normal voice by accident) Wild hair?? (Tries shoving it back in his bonnet) OOOPPPs...

Ms. D: You aren't little red riding hood at all. You didn't fool us for one minute. You are Prof. Knowitall.

Prof.: Shucks! I was sure I could fool you.

Ms. D: Why in the world are you dressed like that prof.?

Prof: I have some fascinating information about insects and camouflage and other things insects do to protect themselves.

Piggy Penny: camels who what?

Prof: (yelling as if annoyed) Not camels!! I said Camouflage! That means that insects disguise themselves so that their predators can't find them or tell what they are.

Ms. D: You mean like the walking stick bug?

Prof: That is correct. The walking stick insect looks just like a twig or a stick. Because it looks like part of a tree it can easily hide from birds or other critters that want to eat it.

Piggy Penny: Cool! What other ways do insects protect themselves?

Prof: (now needing to refer to his books and stuttering about) Umm well, everyone knows about umm about the dead leaf butterflies of India. They rest on dead leaves that are the same color as their wings.

Piggy: Did you know that prof?

Prof: Of course I did (reading again and trying to hide it) I also know that some caterpillars look like the heads of small snakes and and some large moths can spread their wings to look like the face of an owl.

Ms. D: This is quite fascinating Prof. It appears that God has provided the insects with some wonderful ways to protect itself from dangerous predators.

Prof: Yes quite!

Ms. D: And now I have some fascinating information for you prof.

Prof: Hummmfff! (Sounding indignant) What could you possibly teach me???

Ms D: You know prof. You have told us some neat things about bugs and their protection. Did you know that we to have protection devices?

Prof: We most certainly do not. Do you take me for a fool?

Ms. D: The Bible tells us that we can put on the full armour of God and he will protect us.

Prof: the armour of God???? Surely you jest. I haven't got time for this nonsense. (He takes off)

Piggy Penny: Here we go again

Ms. D: He always seems to take off when we start to talk about God.

Piggy Penny: What is the armour of God? Do I really need to wear a suit of armour to be protected?

Ms. D: (read Ephesians 6: 14-18) You see Piggy God loves us and will protect us if we trust in God and use the things he has given us for protection. For example knowing and believing what the Bible says will help us make the right choices.

Piggy Penny: That is really awesome. It sure gives us a lot to be thankful for doesn't it?

Ms. D: It sure does. It just makes me want to praise the Lord!

Piggy Penny: Why don't we do that right now. Maybe the boys and girls could tell us some ways in which God has protected them and we can praise the Lord for those things.

Ms. D: that is a great idea.


Singing is an important element of our friendship with Jesus. Take time to explain that when we sing we are showing and telling God how we feel about him. Let's lead the kids into the presence of the Lord. They need to experience Gods presence. As we lead they will follow.


Take time before offering to tell the kids about the team names (such as the Amazing blazing Ants or the cool and crazy crickets) and team points. Designate a helper to stay near the board to record team points as they are earned. Once the names are established take offering using the scales.


Hide colored macaroni in the grass have kids try to find as many macaroni as possible. When they are done ask them which color was harder to find. Talk about how insects camouflage themselves and why they would need to camouflage themselves.


The clown comes in terribly scared! He is hiding and crying, etc. Use group interaction to share the message of Gods protection with the clown. Have the group teach the clown the memory verse.


Shadrach Meshach and Abednego trusted God to protect them. Use colored paper towels for the three guys and a white one for the angel. Dip the three guys in half water and half alcohol and throw them in the the same with the angel.


Bobo Bumble Bee comes in dressed in a suit of armour.

Bobo: Where'd he go? Where'd he go?? I'll get him! I am super Bobo!

Ms. D: Bobo, who are you looking for? And what are you supposed to be?

Bobo: Don't be afraid Ms D Scovery. I will protect you from the evil forces of the devil.

Ms. D: What are you talking about Bobo?

Bobo: YOU know! I heard you telling the professor that the only way to protect ourselves from the devil is to wear a suit of armour. So I Super Bobo have come to protect you and all the children with my super duper armour.

Ms. D: Oh Bobo. I don't think you understood what I told the professor. I wasn't talking about a costume or armour. I was talking about spiritual things that help protect us.

Bobo: You mean that this costume won't keep me safe?

Ms. D: No bobo it won't.

Bobo: But I am Super Bobo the great. I am strong and powerful.

Ms. D: Only God can protect us from the evil plots of the devil.

Bobo: But you said we needed armour.

Ms. D: The bible uses that as an example that we can understand. You see if we read the Bible and pray and act like we are supposed to then God protects us like a suit of armour protects a knight.

Bobo: So all I have to do to have God protect me is to pray and read my bible and act the right way?

Ms. D That is right Bobo. If you trust God and do the things he has told us to do he will protect you.

Bobo: whewwww! In that case I am going to go get out of this crazy suit of armour. It is hot and heavy and uncomfortable.

Ms. D: see you later bobo.

Bobo: bye everyone...remember trust in God to protect you!

OBJECT LESSON that ties into alter call:

Obtain a very large rock. How is God like this rock? (He is strong, powerful, lasts forever) In Bible times people used rocks to build walls of protection, to build sturdy houses, to build roads and also used it as ammunition. Rocks were strong and provided great protection. It is no wonder they compared God to a rock.

What are some ways we can trust God? (Pray, read our bible, believe what the bible says, live the way God wants us to, turn to him when we are scared or have problems)

What are some times when we need to trust God? (When we are in danger, or afraid, when we don't know what to do, when we have a problem, etc)

Describe some of the struggles and hurts that children face. Help the children understand that Jesus cares about our problems and our fears. He wants to protect us and comfort us.

If you have a problem or hurt that you want to trust Jesus to take care of I want you to come forward and take some time to tell Jesus about it. He wants to protect you. He is your friend. There is no problem that is bigger than God. You don't need a suit of armour or a tuff attitude to protect you. All you need is Jesus.

After the kids have returned to their seats give each child a small stone to take home to remind them that they can trust God with their problems and they can trust God to protect them.