Free Children's Ministry Curriculum Written by Sheryl Coats

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Welcome to the Celebration Medical Centre.


The set: set up the room like an emergency room.

This week: We will discover that in order to avoid spiritual emergencies we need to remain pure.


To teach the children that:

  • Purity is holy living.
  • Our thoughts should be pure.
  • Our actions should be pure.
  • Our motives should be pure.
  • We can't be a part of the world and a part of Gods family.


It sometimes seems to get old to review the rules week after week, but it is very important to do it anyways. Consistency is the key to effective discipline.

  1. No walk
  2. No talk
  3. Have fun


We reap what we sow. What we put into our lesson in preparation will directly affect the result of our service. If we are faithful to seek God's moving in our service, He WILL move and do great things. Don't forget to pray this week.

Characters needed: Three stooge doctors, a patient, and Bobo the puppet


(this lesson will require you spend some time making a video from TV clips the week before the lesson. It should include clips of things that are not pure such as beer commercials, fighting, lying, etc. You will also need access to a TV and a VCR) Obtain a hair dryer that is used in salons that fits over the head. Attach lights and decorations to make it look like a mind reading machine.

A patient comes in and has a terrible head ache. They are groaning and complaining. The doctors decide to do a brain scan to see what is the matter. They fit the dryer contraption over the patients head and hook him up to the monitor. (Play the video which is supposed to be a readout of what is going on inside of his head.) They discover that the patient has a terrible headache due to all the impurities he has been filling his brain with.


You will need a radio. (This can be a touchy subject with preteens, so be sure to approach it with care, but with confidence) Explain to the kids that some things are not specified as sin in the Bible but they can cause us to sin in our hearts. Hold up the radio. Listening to secular music is not specified as a sin in the Bible, but it fills our minds and hearts with impure thoughts. Phil 4:8 tells us that we should think on things that are true, honest, just, lovely, pure and of good report. We need to ask ourselves what would Jesus do? Would he listen to secular music? There are things we must avoid in order to remain pure. If hanging around with a certain person makes it easier to say or even think words that are inappropriate, then we should not hang out with that person. Purity is more than the way we act. It is what we think and the reasons we act as well as our actions.


Emergency You will need a large box for each team that is large enough for a kid to sit in. A pair of scrubs for each team and a roll of gauze.

The goal of the game is to save all the patients. Give each child a card that shows a leg, arm, head, foot, hand, etc. One child puts on the scrubs and stands on the other end of the room. On go he runs down to the line of players and puts one of them in the ambulance and pushes them back to the hospital. He then looks at their card and must bandage whatever part is listed as broken. As soon as the patient is bandaged he/she becomes the doctor and must put on the scrubs and run down and save the next patient. The first team to successfully save all their patients scores 5000 pt. (The team with the most points is dismissed first)


Keep yourselves pure. 1 Timothy 5:22


Leader: Hey, Bobo! Come on up. The kids have a memory verse to teach you.

Bobo: Nobodies home. Go away!!!

Leader: What do you mean "no one's home"?

Bobo: What do you think I mean!?!?!? Didn't you hear me? There is absolutely no one in here.

Leader: Of course there is someone in there. We can hear you. Now come on up.

Bobo: Ain't gonna do it!

Leader: Is something wrong Bobo?

Bobo: IS SOMETHING WRONG?? IS SOMETHING WRONG YOU ASK? Nah, everything is fine and dandy.

Leader: Bobo, you are lying to me. Now come up this instant!

Bobo: (enters with a bag over his head) OK already, here I am. Are you satisfied?

Leader: Why do you have that bag over your head?

Bobo: This bag? This bag?

Leader: Yes, that's the one.

Bobo: Oh well,,,, um,,,, you see these bags are all the rage. Everybody's who's anybody is wearing them.

Leader: these kids aren't.

Bobo: Oh yeah? Well, I said everybody who's anybody is wearing them. I guess these kids just aren't anybody cool.

Leader: (approaches and takes the bag off)

Bobo: Hey stop that!! (turns around so his back is facing the crowd now)

Leader: What's that on your face? Turn around so we can take a look.

Bobo: It's just my nose. Everybody has one. Look at someone else's.

Leader: (turns Bobo around) Why Bobo, you have a black eye. What happened?

Bobo: Do I really? Why, I'll be. How in the world did that happen? I must have bumped into something.

Leader: Bobo, out with the truth.

Bobo: Alright, I had an encounter with a baseball bat.

Leader: this isn't baseball season Bobo.

Bobo: I know, I was at the scene of a crime and got hit with a baseball bat.

Leader: oh my, that sounds awful.

Bobo: It was worse than awful when the police hauled me away.

Leader: You mean, you were a part of the criminals?

Bobo: Well, I hadn't intended on being a part of the crime. I was just hanging out with the criminals. I wanted to be cool and all you know so I was hangin with the rough guys.

Leader: Oh Bobo,

Bobo: Well, I figured as long as I didn't participate in the actual crime it was ok to hang out with these guys.

Leader: Well, Bobo, I guess you learned the hard way that you can't wallow in the pig pen and stay clean.

Bobo: Say what? I wasn't anywhere near a pig pen.

Leader: that was just a figure of speech. I meant that you can't hang around sin all the time and stay pure before God.

Bobo: You got that right!! And I have a black eye to prove it. I wish I had never hung out with those hoodlums.

Leader: I am glad you learned your lesson. Say, the memory verse today would be a good one for you to learn.

Bobo: Are the kids going to teach it to me?

Leader: You bet! (Adlib the rest of the skit as the kids teach Bobo the memory verse)


You will need a cup with sugar, a cup with salt and a cup with half sugar half salt.

Tell the children you have something that is delicious and sweet. It is used to sweeten cereal, Kool-Aid, soda, candy, etc. Call a volunteer up and have them sample the cup that contains the mixed ingredients. " What? You mean this isn't sweet? But I made sure that I put lots of sugar in it." I guess I can't dilute my sugar with salt huh and still have it taste good? I guess pure sugar would taste a lot better. Sugar loses it's sweetness when you mix it with lots of salt. Have them taste the sugar separately. Explain to the kids that we can't mix our Christianity with worldly things and remain pure. Pure sugar tastes good. Diluted sugar does not taste good. We need to be pure Christians, not half hearted Christians who kind of serve God but without much commitment. We should not fill our hearts and minds with impure thoughts and actions.


Tell the story of Lot's wife. She wanted to follow God but didn't want to give up the worldly things that caused her to be unpure. You can't walk both sides of the fence.


You will need a box of pudding and milk. The pudding will represent worldliness and the milk will represent spiritual purity. Show the kids each item. They are two separate items. Each is independent of the other. Now mix them together. Ask one of the kids to come up and take your milk back out of the pudding. Note that the milk cannot be removed. It is now a part of the impurity. Explain that when you mix the impure with the pure the whole thing becomes impure.


Ask the kids if they have been trying to be a part of God's family and a part of the world. God has called us to pure living and that means giving up the worldly things that are not pure. Allow the kids to come forward and make a commitment to strive for purity.

Copyright 1998, Sheryl Coats