Free Children's Ministry Curriculum Written by Sheryl Coats

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God's Provision

The wonderful and magnificent Wonderfair...the greatest show on earth!!!!

Welcome to the wonderfair where we will be discovering the marvellous and wondrous miracles of God!

God's Miraculous Protection--Daniel the lion tamer
God's Miraculous Strength--Samson the strongest man on earth
God's Miraculous Provision-- Elijah and the widows never ending oil and flour...magically appearing out of thin air.
God's Miraculous Healing Power--Elijah raises the widows son from the dead. Power unmatched by any other.
God's Grace--the greatest miracle of all-- the death and resurrection of Jesus
God's Grand Finale--the great disappearing act--Elijah taken to heaven


The Set

Set up the room like a circus. Make a big top out of crete paper on the ceiling. Hand balloons all over the room. Make a back drop of a ticket booth, animal train, circus acts, etc. Use your creativity to make the room as bright and lively as possible.

This week: We will discover Gods miraculous provision through the miracle of the never ending oil and flour as God provided for Elijah and the widow.


To teach the children that:

  • God is wonderful and magnificent
  • God is in the miracle business
  • God will provide our needs
  • No need is too big for God if we believe.
  • God still does miracles today for kids like you and me.


Rules give the children a framework to function within. They need to know what is expected of them and that you truly intend for them to obey. They may test you, but when they find that you don't cave in they will love you for it.

1. No illegal movement: wild animals need to be caged but boys and girls need to behave...stay in your seat and keep your hands and feet to yourself.
2. No interference: clowns are crazy but boys and girls can have fun without misbehaving...don't interrupt like the clowns or cause a commotion.
3. Go for the touch down: Lets have fun praising the Lord as we discover some of the magnificent miracles of God.


Prayer is the key to successful ministry. Ministry is not numbers but what God does in the lives of the children who hear the gospel through our presentation. Remember to pray for the children and seek God's anointing on our service. Lead the children into the presence of God to set the tone of the service.

Characters needed: ring master, Martin the magnificent magician, two clowns, (the rest of the crew will be made up of puppets)


A clown can be rummaging through a large trunk looking for something. They can throw stuff behind them and on the floor and make a mess. The ring master can get their attention.

E.g." What are you doing??? We are trying to start our service here and you are really making a mess and being a disruption." The clown can cry and sob and say "but I NEED my lucky bubble gum" The conversation can continue and the ring master can lead the children to see that we all have needs, some of them are needs and some of them are wants. Tell the clown that God is a miraculous provider for us. He provides for our needs. At this point booger can come in and brag about the delicious gum she has. She can finally offer to provide her with a piece but ends up only giving her the chewed up piece in her mouth. Then when Pinky complains she can offer her the wrapper. The ring master explains that when God provides for us he doesn't give us bad stuff. He loves us and takes good care of us and gives us good things. Now the ring master can send the clowns off to listen to the lesson.

Ring master can then introduce the worlds greatest magician. The magician can do a magic trick that makes something disappear (check local magic store or a book of magic tricks).

Ring master: There you have it ladies and gentlemen! You have seen with your very own eyes the great magician make something disappear into thin air. (Have the magician demonstrate how the trick was done so the children see that it really didn't disappear.) That is right boys and girls what you have seen today was only a trick, but God can truly perform miracles and make things appear out of thin air. God can provide our needs through miracles.

Ring master can introduce the chef...Story of Elijah and the widow who gave the last of her oil and flour (I kings 17:8-16) The Swedish chef (he really can't cook, talks with a funny accent and throws things around...a real goof ball) can tell the story.

Clowns Memory Verse Skit

God will meet all our needs Phil 4:19 The ring master begins to teach the kids the memory verse and then the clown comes out with a Huge list of "wants" that she thinks she needs. The list should be at least 15-20 feet long (perforated computer paper works great for this). She can start demanding all of these things. The ring master can ask her what she is doing. This can lead to a discussion on what God provides for us.

Puppet Show - Bobo the clown

Ring master: I hear Bobo back there again today. I wonder if she is getting ready to come up for a visit.

Bobo: (comes up with a stick with a bag full of stuff on the end) I just came up to tell you that I am running away from the circus.

Ring master: but Bobo, kids usually say they are running away to the circus not away from the circus.

Bobo: You mean all those monkeys want to run away too?

Ring master: Oh Bobo! Why are you running away?

Bobo: I am running away because, because...because nobody wants me! There that's why!

Ring master: I don't understand Bobo.

Bobo: (begins to really carry on and whine) Nobody loves me, nobody ever takes care of me or feeds me or listens to me or tucks me into bed or plays with me and I am going to die of starvation and lack of nutrition and neglect and NOBODY meets my needs!

Ring master: Now wait a minute Bobo. Don't I make sure you get three nutritious meals everyday?

Bobo: Well, yes....

Ring master: and don't I do your laundry?

Bobo: well, yes...

Ring master: and don't I give you medicine when you are sick and pray with you?

Bobo: well, yes...

Ring master: and don't I give you lots of hugs and kisses?

Bobo: well, yes....

Ring master: Then why in the world are you carrying on like that?

Bobo: I want cheeseburgers with whipped cream and ice cream with pickles and French fries with mustard and candy everyday and I want to chew bubble gum when I go to bed, and I don't want to go to school any more and I don't want to eat any more spinach and I hate naps.

Ring master: Those sound like some pretty selfish requests to me.

Bobo: But its your job to take care of me.

Ring master: yes it is my job to take care of you and because I love you I need to make sure that you eat healthy, get plenty of rest, learn and grow up to be a fine young lady. I can't give you everything you want because it might not be good for you or might not be what you need.

Bobo: Oh I suppose you're right.

Ring master: Does that mean you have decided not to run away?

Bobo: Yeah and maybe I'll even quit feeding my spinach to the gorilla when you aren't looking.

Ring master: I am so glad you decided not to run away. I love you Bobo. And you know Bobo, God loves you too. Even when everyone else rejects you God still loves you and will take care of you if you trust in Him.

Bobo: Wow. God never stops loving me and never stops taking care of me. What if I don't eat my spinach? Will God still take care of me?

Ring master: God ALWAYS takes care of his children.

Bobo: Cool beans...or should I say spinach..heehhhheeee heee. See you all later.

Object Lesson

Pinky the clown can have a special present for Booger the clown. The box is wrapped with beautiful paper and lots of pretty ribbons. Inside the box is a rubber snake. She can tell Booger that she loves her so much that she has a present for her. Booger can sound shocked but excited until she opens the box and discovers a very large snake which she is scared of. The ring master can scold the clown and explain to her that God loves us and he doesn't do things just to frighten us or make us sad.

Object Lesson/Alter Call

(bring in a barbell, a shield, and a jug of oil) Remind the children that they have learned at the wonderfair that God is a miracle working God. Hold up the barbell and remind the kids that we learned that he is a powerful God. Hold up the shield and remind them that He is a God who protects us. Then hold up the oil and remind them that He provides for us when we trust him.

Copyright 1998, Sheryl Coats